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Arduino introduces SIM-only IoT service

Steve Rogerson
May 23, 2019

Arduino has launched a SIM-only service for IoT devices based on the Arduino platform to give developers and manufacturers cellular access to its IoT cloud platform from over 100 countries with a single data plan.
Arduino SIM aims to provide the simplest path to cellular IoT device development. The cellular service, provided by Arm Pelion connectivity management, means a single physical Arduino SIM can be used in over 100 countries worldwide with one data plan. The data plan is launching initially in the USA, with availability in Europe and Asia to follow in summer 2019.
Integrated with Arduino’s IoT cloud, Arduino SIM is continuing the company’s mission to democratise IoT technology, making cellular IoT accessible to everyone from makers to professionals across domains already using Arduino today, in education, agriculture, industrial, retail and more. Users can send sensor data to databases, spreadsheets or alerts, without any coding necessary, using Webhooks, or can create custom IoT applications using the API.
Arduino SIM is initially rolling out with support for Arduino MKR GSM 1400 (3G with 2G fallback) – a 32bit board supporting TLS and X.509 certificate-based authentication through an on-board secure element and crypto accelerator. Arduino IoT cloud makes it possible for anyone to connect to these boards securely without any coding required, but they are still programmable using open-source libraries and the traditional Arduino IDE. A roadmap is in place to support the upcoming Arduino MKR NB 1500 (LTE Cat-M and NB-IoT), with plans to open it to third party cellular boards later.
Arduino SIM provides a streamlined path for cellular IoT development with 10Mbyte of data free for up to 90 days, and the option for a subscription at 5Mbyte for $1.50 per month. The plan provides the same amount of data traffic for the same price wherever in the world the device is being operated. By partnering with Arm Pelion connectivity management, the cellular service has a solid foundation for users planning to scale to large numbers of devices in the future.
“We’re excited to announce Arduino SIM as a way to simplify cellular connection to Arduino IoT cloud,” said Fabio Violante, CEO of Arduino. “By partnering with Arm Pelion connectivity management, we’re able to offer global data plans to suit everything from single IoT prototypes to production IoT deployments. The simplicity of integration with Arm Pelion connectivity gives us the freedom to focus on our users; and accelerating innovation and adoption in cellular IoT.”
Arduino is an open-source hardware, software and content platform with a worldwide community of around 30 million active users. It has powered thousands of projects, from everyday objects to satellites and complex scientific instruments. This has been made possible by combining a wide variety of electronic boards, easy-to-use tools, a collaborative community and practical project examples to suit all levels.