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IMC Newsdesk Archives: March 2020

IMC runs Industrial IoT Online Summit in April

The IoT M2M Council (IMC) – the largest trade group serving the IoT sector, with 25,000 members – has organised a full online conference for industrial users. The Industrial IoT Online Summit will take place from 22 to 23 April 2020.

Acquisitions let Kore expand vertical reach

Kore has announced the next stage in its vertical market IoT strategy in healthcare, life sciences, asset management, fleet management and industrial IoT. The Georgia, USA, company is leveraging the power of recent acquisitions to expand its capabilities.

Sigfox launches IoT network in Russia

Sigfox has launched an IoT network in Russia in partnership with Energo Capital, a digital venture capital company operating across Russia and the Baltics.

SG Wireless integrates Semtech and STM technology

Hong Kong-based SG Wireless has introduced a module that supports the LoRaWan wireless protocol and integrates the Semtech SX1276 long range, low power transceiver and RF power amplifier with an ST Microelectronics MCU.

AT&T certifies U-Blox chipset for LTE-M

AT&T has certified a U-Blox IoT chipset for its LTE-M network. The UBX-R5 chipset integrates wireless technology with built-in end-to-end security for long life cycle IoT applications.

Laird simplifies connecting Bluetooth sensors to cloud

A multi-wireless gateway from Laird Connectivity can simplify connecting Bluetooth sensors to the cloud. The Sentrius gateway delivers Bluetooth 5 long range, wifi, LTE and cloud connectivity for enterprise-grade IoT implementations.

Lanner and Gorilla ensure security for IoT video

Intelligent edge appliances maker Lanner Electronics is working with fellow Taiwanese company Gorilla Technology to deliver AI-optimised video intelligence while ensuring cyber security and data protection at the edge.

Manx Telecom tests Minima blockchain for connected devices

Minima, a decentralised blockchain protocol that runs in full on mobile phones, has completed a proof of concept that saw Isle of Man mobile operator Manx Telecom send tokens on Minima’s blockchain from one phone to another, granting network access without touching any of the operator’s existing billing systems.

Thales, Telstra, Microsoft and Arduino scale security

Thales and Australian telco Telstra are working with Microsoft and Arduino to pave the way for scalable security for connected IoT devices, by implementing a way to enable trusted and secure end-to-end communications between device and cloud.

Nokia adds 5G to Wing IoT service

Nokia is upgrading its Worldwide IoT Network Grid (Wing) managed service with 5G and edge capabilities. The upgrade facilitates operators in offering 5G IoT services without having to invest in global infrastructure.

Comms365 adds Vodafone NB-IoT to network

Comms365 has added Vodafone NB-IoT connectivity to its network capabilityThe private APN NB-IoT connectivity will use the firm’s network to drive demand for the IoT.

Linux Foundation hosts Project Owl IoT disaster response

The Linux Foundation is to host Project Owl’s IoT device firmware effort and is inviting developers worldwide to build mesh network nodes for global emergency communications networks.

Everbridge leverages IoT in coronavirus fight

Massachusetts-based critical event management (CEM) firm Everbridge has unveiled CEM capabilities across the IoT for corporate, government and healthcare organisations to protect their people, assets, operations, supply chain and brand from critical events such as the coronavirus pandemic.

Nodle acquires Brickchain to secure IoT networks

California-based Nodle, which is building a Bluetooth connectivity service for the IoT, has acquired Brickchain to help IoT manufacturers, large enterprises and smart cities comply with GDPR and CCPA data privacy regulations and build a more secure IoT network.

U-Blox module certified for Japan LTE-M use

Switzerland-based U-Blox’s Sara-R410M-63B module has been certified for the Japanese market on the LTE-M cellular network of domestic network operators.

Empirix enables 5G and IoT monitoring

Empirix, a Massachusetts-based provider of end-to-end test automation and network and service performance monitoring, has announced Klerity, a framework for 5G and IoT monitoring, assurance and analytics.

Silicon Labs acquires Redpine Signals for $308m

Silicon Labs is to pay $308m in cash to acquire California-based Redpine Signals' wifi and Bluetooth assets, a development centre in India, and its patent portfolio.
Microchip embedded IoT enables MCU cloud connectivity

Enabling cloud connectivity for all MCUs and MPUs, Arizona-based Microchip has launched a range of embedded IoT products for rapid prototyping that let developers quickly, easily and securely connect to any cloud using wifi, Bluetooth and narrow-band 5G technologies.

Microsoft and Cisco bring edge-to-cloud IoT

Microsoft and Cisco are working together to provide a pre-integrated Cisco Edge to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub.

Vodafone applies IoT to smart surveillance

Vodafone has launched Smart Vision, a suite of IoT smart surveillance products designed to enhance security and drive efficiencies for business and public sector users.

Semtech helps Helium build US LoRa network

Semtech is collaborating with Helium, the company behind one the world’s first peer-to-peer wireless networks, in its efforts to develop one of the largest LoRa-based networks in North America.

Google Cloud and T-Systems partner on managed

Google Cloud and T-Systems have announced a partnership to deliver managed services including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help enterprises digitally transform with the cloud.

GCF certifies U-Blox IoT chipset

U-Blox is the first company to have a product certified under the Global Certification Forum (GCF) IoT chipset certification scheme that was started in January this year.

HiSky and ST Engineering enable IoT over satellites

Israeli firm HiSky is working with ST Engineering iDirect to enable IoT over satellites. The robust cloud-based service will be delivered with iDirect and Newtec platforms and offered through flexible business models for immediate market access.

Quectel collaborates with Microsoft and Qualcomm

Quectel Wireless, a Chinese supplier of cellular and GNSS modules, is collaborating with Microsoft and Qualcomm Technologies to integrate an LPWA module with Microsoft's Azure Device SDK to provide direct and secure connections to the Azure IoT Hub and offer full support for Azure device management capabilities.

Unisoc chip aids IoT migration from 2G to 4G

Chinese fabless semiconductor company Unisoc has made its 8910DM IoT wide area chip platform available overseas. The platform is said to contain advantages in communication standards, scalability, power consumption and cost.

SensiML toolkit helps develop IoT endpoints using NXP MCUs

Developers of IoT endpoint using NXP MCUs can access AI development tools for rapidly creating efficient and robust time-series sensor algorithms by using an analytics toolkit from Oregon-based SensiML.

Semtech unveils LoRa platform at Embedded World

At last week’s Embedded World show in Nuremberg, Semtech was demonstrating LoRa Edge, a LoRa-based platform that will enable a wide portfolio of applications for indoor and outdoor asset management, targeting industrial, building, home, agriculture, transportation and logistics markets.

Increased security will boost IoT adoption, says MultiTech

Once the industry can see end-to-end security for the IoT, adoption of the technologies will grow quickly, believes Duane Wald (pictured), vice-president at MultiTech, speaking at last week’s Embedded World in Nuremberg.

Sprint extends Curiosity IoT to Europe

Sprint is collaborating with Swisscom and Telia to extend its Curiosity IoT platform to Europe. On the heels of the Australian expansion with Telstra, Curiosity IoT continues to go beyond roaming, enabling customers to activate their IoT services on local networks in parts of Europe.

Hannover Messe postponed until July

Next month’s Hannover Messe industrial technology show has been postponed until July. The new dates are July 13 to 17.

Nokia slicing supports 4G and 5G connectivity


Nokia has announced end-to-end slicing network functionality that will support connectivity from 4G and 5G devices over the sliced network to applications running in private and public clouds; it will be available this summer.
Kerlink deploys LoRaWan to check on Mount Etna volcano

In a novel example of the broad applications of LoRaWan IoT connectivity, Kerlink’s Wirnet gateway is powering a radon-sensing project on Europe’s most active volcano, Mount Etna.

How Maxim is ruining the lives of IoT hackers

Kris Ardis (pictured) wants to ruin hackers’ lives. That was how the executive director of Maxim Integrated opened up the launch of the company’s latest secure microcontroller for IoT applications at last week’s Embedded World in Nuremberg.

U-Blox targets automotive and industrial with Jody-W3

U-Blox is targeting automotive and industrial applications with the Jody-W3 modules that combine Wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1. They were being demonstrated by Joakim Rydén (pictured), senior product manager, at last week’s Embedded World in Nuremberg.

Percepio detects bugs in IoT devices

Swedish company Percepio has found a way to detect bugs in IoT devices and fix them before they cause problems, according to vice president Mike Skrtic (pictured), speaking at last week’s Embedded World in Nuremberg.

Dialog unveils first IIoT product since Creative Chips acquisition

Dialog Semiconductor’s senior director Mark Hopgood (pictured) was showing the fruits of his company’s recent acquisition of Creative Chips with the launch of an industrial IoT connectivity product at last week’s Embedded World in Nuremberg.

Embedded World Blog: Numbers down but quality up

IMC executive editor Steve Rogerson looks at how the coronavirus outbreak affected last week’s Embedded World in Nuremberg.