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IMC Newsdesk Archives: August 2018

Dell and Intel combine to create IoT bundles

At this week’s VMWorld in Las Vegas, Dell Technologies announced it was combining tools from its portfolio with technology from Intel and partners to create bundles that simplify deployment of secure, scalable products for edge computing and IoT use cases.

Telstra uses IoT to launch location services

Australian telco Telstra is harnessing the IoT with the launch of location products for consumers, small businesses and enterprises.

U-Blox sees Cat-M1 and NB-IoT slowdown

U-Blox expects the remaining months of 2018 to see slower deployment of Cat-M1 and NB-IoT networks and shrinking business with key Chinese customers, announced the Swiss module company as it published its half-year results.

Aeris and CalAmp bring “Uber for tractors” to Nigeria

California companies Aeris and CalAmp are working with Hello Tractor to integrate IoT technologies to create an “Uber for tractors” that provides an on-demand service for mechanised equipment in Nigeria and other developing areas.

Samsung launches NB-IoT chip

Samsung Electronics has introduced an NB-IoT device. The Exynos i S111 is said to provide wide coverage, low-power operation, accurate location feedback and strong security for real-time tracking applications such as safety wearables or smart meters.

HCL opens IoT innovation labs in India and USA

HCL Technologies has opened two IoT innovation centres, one in Seattle, Washington, and the other at its headquarters in Noida, India.

Oxford University sets up blockchain research centre

Oxford University’s oldest college has established a centre for blockchain research under the leadership of its fellow professor Bill Roscoe.

Freewave app server adds rugged edge intelligence

M2M networking firm Freewave Technologies has introduced programmable hardware that injects rugged edge intelligence into industrial IoT networks and sensor ecosystems.

PTC seeks collaboration to tackle IoT security

Massachusetts-based software company PTC has launched a cyber-security initiative to collaborate with customers, partners and researchers for more secure and resilient IoT deployments. The programme aims to address product vulnerabilities as part of a shared responsibility model.

CTIA creates IoT cyber-security certification programme

Wireless industry association the CTIA has created a cyber-security certification programme for cellular-connected IoT devices. The programme was developed in collaboration with wireless providers across the USA.

Start-up launches platforms to secure IoT

Emerging from two years in stealth mode, has announced what it claims is the world's first commercially available, continuously updated Linux and Zephyr MicroPlatform distributions for the embedded, IoT, edge and automotive markets.

EU offers free access to help power IoT devices

The European Union is offering free-of-charge access to equipment, tools and expertise related to powering IoT devices. This is part of its Enables research infrastructure programme co-ordinated by the Tyndall National Institute in Ireland.

Indonesia sets up blockchain hub

Indonesia has set up a blockchain hub, a community space dedicated to the promotion and development of blockchain technology.

Aeris publishes definitive guide to the IoT

The third edition of a definitive guide to the IoT has been published by Syed Zaeem Hosain, chairman of the IoT M2M Council (IMC) and founder and chief technology officer of California-based IoT company Aeris.

NNData introduces SaaS for data management

NNData has launched a software-as-a-service way to manage data along with use-case-focused machine-learning algorithms for anyone to use without having any training as a data scientist or programming background.

Quectel module combines four bands for better tracking

Chinese IoT module supplier Quectel Wireless has released a quad-band GSM, GPRS, GNSS and wifi module that supports hybrid positioning technologies including GNSS, cell ID and wifi aided positioning, and enables position tracking in indoor and outdoor environments.

Apac set for 11.3% CAGR growth in IoT

The Asia-Pacific IoT market is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 11.3% between 2017 and 2022 to reach a market size of $95.7bn, according to Research & Markets.

IBM opens four labs to secure IoT devices and ATMs

At last week’s Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas, IBM Security announced X-Force Red Labs, a network of four secure facilities dedicated to testing the security of devices and systems including consumer and industrial IoT technologies, automotive equipment, and ATMs.

China Mobile sees rapid growth in IoT

In the first half of 2018, China Mobile’s IoT business achieved rapid growth, with a net addition of 155 million IoT smart connections, bringing the total number of IoT smart connections to 384 million. Revenue from its IoT business recorded a year-on-year growth of 47.6%.

Juniper upgrades security for cloud, 5G and IoT

California-based Juniper Networks has announced an upgraded services processing card that can deliver up to an 11x performance boost to its SRX5000 line of services gateways across a variety of key performance metrics.

Digi offers LTE-M and NB-IoT from one footprint

Digi has introduced the XBee3 cellular LTE-M development kits featuring its latest smart cellular modem. This LTE-M certification is due to be followed by the certification of the XBee3 Cellular NB-IoT in October 2018.

BCL adds IoT layer to blockchain structure

Singapore-based BCL Foundation has added an IoT layer to the traditional blockchain structure so it can connect the virtual and real world through the power of blockchain and IoT devices. The aim is to create a full-scale public chain for enterprises.

Future for IoT development

Canadian electronic component distributor Future Electronics has enhanced its Nebula IoT development kit, which lets novices and expert developers alike explore the opportunities in IoT applications.

STM development kit charges IoT devices

ST Microelectronics has developed a plug-and-play wireless battery-charger development kit that lets users build compact chargers up to 2.5W with a 20mm-diameter coil, for charging small IoT devices and wearables such as smart watches, sports gear or healthcare equipment.

Arm acquires Treasure Data and launches IoT platform

Chip design company Arm has acquired Treasure Data, a specialist in enterprise data management providing businesses the ability to aggregate and derive insights from disparate data sources, CRM, IoT devices, ecommerce and more. The price is believed to be around $600m.

LG opens AI research laboratory in Canada

South Korean technology firm LG Electronics is opening an artificial intelligence (AI) laboratory in Canada and entering a research partnership with the University of Toronto.

Alibaba and Infineon collaborate on IoT in China

German electronics company Infineon Technologies has signed a memorandum of understanding with Chinese technology firm Alibaba Cloud Computing to promote IoT applications in the fields of smart life and smart industry for Chinese enterprises and cities.

Telit IoT modules picked for first responder routers

At this week’s Apco public safety communications conference and exhibition in Las Vegas, Centrix IP announced it had chosen an IoT module from Telit to power a line of first responder communications routers.

Telchemy introduces embedded device analytics for IoT

Telchemy, a Georgia, USA, based provider of embedded analytics technology for VoIP and video, has introduced Embiot, a compact embedded analytics application for IoT devices, sensors and gateways.

Indian university uses IoT to predict landslides

Indian university Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeethamis using IoT technology to save lives in mountainous regions of the country by installing systems that give advance warnings of landslides so people can be safely evacuated before disaster strikes.

Maxim builds security into IoT devices

Manufacturers of security-sensitive industrial, consumer, computing and IoT devices can have a fast, efficient way to build in secure cryptographic operations, integrate key storage and enable active tamper detection with a component from Maxim Integrated.

Ayla extends IoT platform capabilities

Ayla Networks has extended the capabilities of its IoT platform-as-a-service for device management and application enablement. The aim is to simplify the ability to gain business value from the IoT.

Zigbee chipset sales to hit 3.8bn by 2023

Half a billion Zigbee chipsets have been sold for IoT applications, and that figure is expected to hit 3.8bn by 2023, according to the Zigbee Alliance.

Google brings more intelligence to the edge

Google has announced two products aimed at helping users develop and deploy intelligent connected devices at scale: Edge TPU is a hardware chip and Cloud IoT Edge is a software stack that extends Google Cloud’s AI capability to gateways and connected devices.

Qualcomm pulls plug on NXP takeover

Qualcomm has cancelled its planned takeover of NXP after failing to gain regulatory approval in China. Richard Clemmer (pictured), NXP’s president, described this as “unfortunate”.

Nokia and T-Mobile combine on US 5G network

T-Mobile and Nokia have announced a $3.5bn agreement to accelerate the deployment of a 5G network across the USA. The two companies plan to develop, test and launch connectivity services for enterprises, smart cities, utilities, transportation, health, manufacturing, retail, agriculture and government agencies.

Deutsche Telekom and 1NCE offer flat-rate IoT

Europe’s first data flat rate for the IoT is available online. The joint offering by Deutsche Telekom and 1NCE, available under the name 1NCE Lifetime Fee, is for business customers. It provides connectivity for devices using low data volumes in the IoT.

Solbright and M2M Spectrum Networks merge

Solbright and M2M Spectrum Networks are merging to create Iota Communications, said to be the first publicly-traded, pure-play, fully-featured IoT network operating company in the USA.

Aeris and Ranch help farmers monitor environment

IoT technology firm Aeris is collaborating with fellow Californian company Ranch Systems to help farmers and businesses improve their sustainable water management, food production and environmental monitoring.

IoT visitors at CES show huge increases in key markets

Attendees from key IoT markets at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas showed dramatic increases over the previous year, according to the IoT M2M Council (IMC), a trade group that organises a pavilion and conference at CES covering IoT infrastructure.

Scandit raises $30m to connect everyday objects

Swiss company Scandit has raised $30m in series B funding to bring the IoT to everyday objects through computer vision and augmented reality.

U-Blox 2G modem allows M2M migration

U-Blox has introduced a 2G cellular module for M2M applications, such as utility metering and tracking systems.