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Apple Watch synchronises workout with music

Steve Rogerson
July 25, 2018

Runners can display their heartbeat and running data and play music directly from an Apple Watch series three thanks to technology from Moov, Hong Kong's largest digital music service.
The two-in-one Beat Runner: Running Music feature integrates data from Apple HealthKit API and displays the wearer's heart rate and running data while playing music that matches the wearer's workout goals. Beat Runner: Running Music is available on Apple's App Store.
"We are so excited to launch this world's first technology in Hong Kong,” said Helen Sou, senior vice president at PCCW Media Group. “At Moov, we are committed to innovation. We looked carefully at the limitations of existing music and fitness apps, and developed a one-stop solution that allows our users to unlock their full workout potential and enjoy performance-enhancing music with no interruptions."
Listening to the right music while exercising can fuel motivation, build stamina and improve running technique by encouraging the correct pace. Matching music to each phase of the workout can prepare the body with helpful cues to warm up, increase effort, accelerate or cool down. Beat Runner: Running Music intuitively adjusts the soundtrack to the workout and helps listeners get the most out of each session.
Claimed to be the world's first for music app that integrates running data and music, Beat Runner: Running Music tracks data and responds to feedback directly from the Apple Watch. Without the need to scroll through phone, pre-download music or click through different apps, runners can just live in the moment and focus on their performance, all set to a heart-pumping soundtrack of inspirational tunes from the watch without an iPhone nearby.
In addition to Beat Runner, Moov says it is the only music platform in Asia to offer a therapeutic music library with soothing tunes and Cantonese audio-inductions prepared by seven registered music therapists. These playlists are suitable for de-stressing, foetal development and childhood learning development.