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SAP integrate corporate applications with Apple Watch

William Payne
April 30, 2015

German ERP and enterprise software company SAP has integrated a range of corporate workflow, business processes and sales support applications on to the Apple Watch, providing what must be one of the smallest form factor based corporate dashboards now available.
The integration is sensible enough to know that not all corporate documentation or news is best viewed on a wrist sized device, and can hand over larger items for viewing on smartphones or tablets.

SAP is device agnostic when it comes to larger devices such as smartphones or tablets. The company offers its employees a range of phones including Samsung Galaxy and Nexus. But the company held multiple meetings with Apple's Watch Lab to develop the applications, and also worked with them collaboratively in virtual meetings.
The applications connect to SAP systems and processes via the SAP HANA cloud platform.

Applications that SAP have unveiled include: SAP Wire, SAP’s HANA based instant messaging app, which allows users to view chats and respond to incoming messages with default messages; SAP Mobile Documents, for controlling slide presentations on an iPhone; a corporate news application that pushes news to the phone, SAP News, and hands longer items to a phone or tablet; Fiori Cart Approval, allowing users to accept or reject workflows, or drill down to the right level of detail and make a decision, all on the watch itself.

Other SAP applications that run on the Apple Watch include the SAP Office World Clock; Deal Approval, users can approve or reject sales deals on the watch, or hand over the deal information to a larger device for more in-depth review; a sales collaboration tool, Deal Room, which provides messaging and documents on current sales deals; a sales pipeline and analytics function - Cloud 4 Customer - showing different graphs and top deals; an application to manage customer meetings and interactions; and a business dashboard, known as Boardrooms Redefined.