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Apple Watch turned into prescription tool by health insurer

Steve Rogerson
May 3, 2016
The Apple Watch can help wearers order and track prescriptions and soon even remind patients when to take their medicines, thanks to an app from Kentucky-based medical insurer Humana.
Humana members will get reminders to refill prescriptions and track their prescription orders with a few taps on their wrist thanks to the Humana Pharmacy app. The app is one of the first mail order pharmacy apps of its kind for the device and accompanies a major update to the Humana Pharmacy app for iPhone.
The Apple Watch app has two features: refill reminders to notify wearers when it’s time to reorder; and order tracking to show exactly when the order will arrive. A third feature that will remind patients to take their medicine will be added later this year.
The Apple Watch app will integrate with the features of the latest version of the Humana Pharmacy app for iPhone, making it easier to move between the Apple Watch and iPhone.
New features on the mobile app allow users to: view videos with important safety information about their medications; use their phone’s camera to scan the barcode on a medication to request a refill; and take a photo of a medication to transfer the prescription from a retail pharmacy to Humana Pharmacy.
“Our new Apple Watch app makes managing medications and adhering to medication therapy easier than ever before,” said William Fleming, president of Humana Pharmacy. “For people managing multiple daily medications, these tools can make a real difference in helping our members optimise their drug therapy and achieve their best health.”
The app is Humana’s second Apple Watch app. The company launched Cue by Humana in April 2015, which prompts users to take small, daily actions known to result in better health – drink water, focus on breathing, focus on posture, get up and move, get outside and stretch.
The Humana Pharmacy app is available on the App Store for iPhone and from the App Store for Apple Watch, found within the Apple Watch app on iPhone under the Explore tab.