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Anvizent and SkuVault alliance improves warehouse analytics

Steve Rogerson
October 24, 2017

Indian analytics firm Anvizent has formed a partnership with SkuVault to provide analytics on inventory and warehouse data. SkuVault is a Kentucky-based warehouse management technology company. 
Users can combine their SkuVault data with ERP data, shop floor data, financial data, legacy data and any other data to gain real-time insights using self-service dashboards. This eliminates time-consuming manual reporting cycles, giving users deeper visibility into business performance.
“We look forward to working with SkuVault to enable our mutual customers to stay agile in today’s dynamic environment,” said Raj Koneru, president and CEO of Anvizent. “Customers will gain unprecedented control over every aspect of their inventory operations for greater operational efficiency and profitability.”
Anvizent’s patent-pending technology automates the integration, preparation and centralisation of data to provide timely business insights for making informed decisions. With more than 100 fully functional manufacturing specific dashboards, users can proactively track, analyse and optimise their entire operations without having to wait for reports and dashboards.
SkuVault’s cloud-based system uses inventory management features and automation to reduce operational complexity and inefficiencies. Features such as kits, replenishment reports, containers and locations optimise manufacturing operations to improve performance. Tracking, reporting and ordering automation helps stop over and under ordering and human error.
“The partnership with Anvizent will further expand SkuVault’s capabilities and help our customers achieve new levels of decision making ability into their organisations,” said Andy Eastes, CEO of SkuVault. “Anvizent’s interactive dashboards will enable at-a-glance visibility and provide timely insights to optimise operations and respond to changing conditions.”