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Analog Devices adds expertise to Chinese smart grid research

Steve Rogerson
December 7, 2017

Massachusetts chip company Analog Devices is collaborating with the China Electric Power Research Institute (Cepri) to improve reliability of smart substations, the nerve centres of modern electrical grids.
New electronics and sensor technologies are enabling resilient and flexible grids to meet the evolving needs of how energy is generated, distributed and consumed. The ADI-Cepri team will engage in joint laboratory and field research to drive innovations advancing the reliability of smart substations.
ADI has a long history of delivering innovation in many applications, including high reliability signal processing and sensing technologies for the protection, monitoring and control of electric power systems. Cepri is a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive research institute within the State Grid Corporation of China, the largest electric utility company in the world and a leader in the adoption of smart grid technologies.
“Reliable electricity is the lifeblood of modern society,” said Rick Hess, executive vice president of Analog Devices. “By improving reliability in smart substations, this collaboration between ADI and Cepri will ensure China’s utility users enjoy enhanced productivity, comfort and safety.”
Cepri’s recognised expertise in the analysis of electrical systems, combined with ADI’s smart energy capabilities, constitute a complementary team capable of engineering breakthroughs to solve complex grid problems and enable the transition to the digital grid.
“Analog Devices is a world leader in the development of high-performance, high-reliability signal processing, measurement and sensing technologies,” said Jianbo Guo, president of Cepri. “Cepri has rich experience in the area of system application, testing and inspection, and power grid operation analysis. Both parties can carry out innovative and complementary cooperation. By combining the strengths of electric power systems and electronic systems, this cooperation will advance the reliability of smart substations.”
Cross-functional groups from both companies – including members of ADI’s energy systems engineering and semiconductor reliability teams, and Cepri’s departments of high-voltage, relay protection, power automation and metrology – will identify specific reliability issues, jointly create innovations, hold technical workshops, and draft international standards, all with the ultimate goal of continuing to improve the resiliency and reliability of smart substations.