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American Well eases telehealth implementation for doctors

Steve Rogerson
April 27, 2017
Telehealth company American Well began the roll out of its latest enterprise telehealth release, AW10, at the American Telemedicine Association annual meeting this week in Florida.
AW10's initial focus is on reducing the time a doctor operates telehealth technology while increasing the time a doctor interacts directly with the patient during a live visit. Later this summer, American Well will expand this technology to enable eligible clinicians – whether practicing within a health system, hospital, practice group or independently – to sign up and immediately launch and start their telehealth practice.
"With AW10 we're introducing more than 100 new features to the provider user experience that, when put together, let doctors focus more on seeing patients than operating the technology behind the telehealth visit," said Roy Schoenberg, CEO of Massachusetts-based American Well. "Everything from patient and provider sign-up, to visit pre-checks, documentation, prescribing and payment are simplified, automated or eliminated from the doctor and their staff's to-dos. We strive to make the provider experience with telehealth time well spent so that more clinicians can see their patients through telehealth without sacrificing efficiency or intimacy."
AW10 aims to simplify the provider telehealth experience across four critical areas, bringing them closer to seeing interchangeably patients in person and via technology. AW10 enables doctors to:

  • Turn telehealth on: With AW 10, American Well is streamlining the process of getting doctors enrolled on the telehealth platform and up and running, so they can be verified and ready to deliver a live visit in minutes.
  • See patients on schedule: AW10 reduces the overhead and administration associated with telehealth visits, leaving doctors free to focus on clinical care. Using automated tools and workflows, patients are fully prepped in advance of a telehealth visit – including insurance verification, payment vetting and technical setup. There are dozens more features that reduce provider headaches including text reminders, fast-track intake and a modernised look-and-feel of key screens.
  • Conduct smarter, faster documentation: A revamped coding module makes it easy to access common diagnoses and procedures during follow-up visits, seamlessly switch between automated and manual prescribing, and instantly send prescriptions to the patient's preferred pharmacy. Doctors also have more visibility into non-billable ICD-10 codes, and an easier way to view patient images in the visit console.
  • Use intelligent options for payment and billing: Unlike brick-and-mortar medicine, telehealth programmes require specific tools related to billing and claims. These tools are incorporated into AW10 and include the ability to collect payment during the scheduling process or defer payment to a later date. Other features include automated retry of failed billing transactions, automated follow-up when there are payment issues, and improved financial reporting to monitor end-to-end payment flow.
"Telehealth, done right, has the potential to free up providers to see more patients faster, more conveniently and more economically than in-person visits,” said Katie Ruigh, senior vice president at American Well. “One of our goals with AW10 was to make the path for a physician getting started with telehealth significantly shorter, helping to flatten the learning curve and make telehealth intuitive. This has become particularly meaningful as many physicians enter our national telehealth exchange to offer specialty services across our partner ecosystem."
American Well serves more than 250 healthcare partners in the USA from a wide array of industries, including health plans, employers, retail outlets, pharmacy and pharmaceutical companies, and 70 health systems comprised of more than 700 hospitals.
American Well’s Amwell telehealth platform has been embedded into Samsung Health, Samsung's recently expanded health and medical application that is available on many devices, including the new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Samsung Health now has an Experts tab through which consumers can have on-demand video visits with a doctor practicing on Amwell. These virtual consultations are available on Samsung devices via the Samsung Health service.