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Ameri100 brings blockchain to customer supply chains

Steve Rogerson
January 17, 2018
SAP cloud, digital and enterprise services company Ameri100 is to use blockchain to bring trust, transparency and efficiency to the supply chains of its manufacturing, aerospace and retail customers.
The New Jersey-based company intends to expand its service offering with blockchain functionality designed to transform its customers' approach to supply chain management by delivering more transparency and accountability at every step of a customer's supply chain.
The company plans to develop its expanded offering through the establishment of an in-house blockchain practice, the formation of strategic partnerships with blockchain technology companies and the acquisition of start-up companies that offer blockchain functionality.
The blockchain initiative will initially focus on bringing more supply chain visibility, traceability and vendor contract simplification – smart contracts – to the company's customers in the manufacturing, aerospace and retail sectors. These sectors cumulatively comprise the largest segment of its customer base and are at the forefront of blockchain technology adoption.
"Our blockchain initiative reflects a customer-driven approach to supply chain management that offers substantial advantages over today's conventional supply chain IT infrastructure,” said Brent Kelton, chief executive officer. “With the deployment of blockchain, customers can expect to see increased transparency and greater efficiency in the management of their complex supply chains that should yield substantial time and cost savings. As enterprises move to deploy new technologies like blockchain, this expansion of our best-in-class solutions is an investment in the company's future success."
Ameri100 provides SAP services to customers worldwide. Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, it has offices in the USA and Canada. The company also has global delivery centres in India.