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AMD launches terminal that keeps telemedicine devices connected

Steve Rogerson
May 19, 2016
At this week’s American Telemedicine Association Conference in Minneapolis, AMD Global Telemedicine introduced a patient assessment terminal, a fully integrated telemedicine wall mount system developed to improve workflow, while reducing the telemedicine workstation footprint within an exam room.
Called Pat, it is claimed to be the industry's first wall station that allows users to have the telemedicine devices connected continuously. Having the medical devices remain connected reduces the steps required for a patient encounter and facilitates the acceptance of new technology among staff.
Examples of connected medical devices include the Welch Allyn Connex Spot VSM, multipurpose examination cameras, digital stethoscopes and ultrasound probes. Exam rooms where space is limited, such as rural clinics, pharmacies or clinic kiosks, are suitable destinations.
With the dual workstation, clinicians can document and chart patients as needed at the computer station positioned off to one side while the patient and provider continue their video consultation. The lower cabinet folds down creating an additional work surface area to rest medical devices during the exam. This patient assessment terminal is also customisable and can be configured with hardware-based codecs or software-based video conferencing.
Pat is part of the Clinical Assist wall mount series, a natural extension of the Massachusetts company’s telemedicine cart.
"As more healthcare organisations are setting up telemedicine stations in every room, it is a natural fit that customers are looking for a telemedicine system that can be a permanent station," said Eric Bacon, VP of finance and operations at AMD Global Telemedicine. "Healthcare practitioners want telemedicine devices to be connected and ready for a patient exam and Pat eliminates the additional time involved with plug-and-play scenarios."