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AMC and Revolve partnership brings robotics to remote patient monitoring

Steve Rogerson
May 19, 2016
Two American companies have formed a partnership to use robotics help patients living with chronic conditions better manage their health, strengthen their connections with their care teams and reduce unnecessary emergency department visits and hospitalisations.
New York based AMC Health, a provider of remote patient monitoring systems endorsed by the American Hospital Association, is working with California company Revolve Robotics, an innovator in robotic telepresence.
By bringing together AMC’s expertise in improving outcomes through clinical efficiency and care coordination and Revolve Robotic’s flagship platform, Kubi, clinicians can look around and remotely interact with patients. This results in more thorough e-visits, meaningful interventions and improved outcomes.
AMC has integrated Kubi with its CareConsole mobile product, which lets patients have clinician-initiated e-visits, assessments and secure e-messaging capabilities on a single mobile device. This multi-year partnership signifies the companies’ shared pursuit of telehealth as accessible and effective to as many patients as possible.
The system was demonstrated at this week’s American Telemedicine Association Annual Meeting in Minneapolis.
“We are consistently working to enhance the patient experience and support strong connections between patients and their care teams through our virtual care solutions,” said Nesim Bildirici, president and CEO of AMC Health. “Adding Kubi to CareConsole enables clinicians to gather more comprehensive information during an e-visit. Patients are able to show the clinician how they are taking their readings more easily because they won’t need to hold their mobile device at the same time. Enhanced patient experience, better data and increased interaction all lead to better outcomes.”
AMC Health is focused on transforming healthcare delivery across chronic disease through remote patient monitoring and virtual care coordination. The company has shown through multiple studies that outcomes can be improved significantly through connecting patients to their clinical teams on a real-time basis and expanding care beyond the walls of hospitals, doctors’ offices and outpatient settings.
Kubi leverages and improves videoconferencing with tablets by introducing a robotic platform or cradle on which the tablet sits. The resulting telepresence robot is then driven by the remote video-conferencing participant. Kubi turns traditionally passive video conferencing callers into active participants, as remote callers use Kubi to look around the room and actively engage with meeting participants. In this way, Kubi helps clinicians using AMC Health products to monitor and provide virtual care to patients with chronic conditions.
“AMC Health and Kubi together are a powerful tool for telemedicine, which allows providers to ensure they are delivering patients better care,” said Marcus Rosenthal, Revolve Robotics’ co-founder and CEO. “Kubi literally supports AMC Health, because now remote caregivers can look around while patients take their own blood pressure, to give a concrete example. Without the ability to control their point of view, patients can move out of view, and this reduces the chance of mistakes.”