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Amazon adds Netherlands to UK and Canada drone tests

William Payne
February 4, 2016
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has said that the company is testing drone deliveries in Netherlands, the UK and Canada. The comments confirmed previous reports that cited sightings of Amazon drones in the United Kingdom and Canada, and added the Netherlands to the list of countries hosting tests. The tests are preparing the way for the launch of the Amazon Prime Air delivery service.

The comments by Jeff Bezos were made during a Washington Post event.

In April last year, Amazon wrote a public letter to the US Federal Aviation Authority urging it to liberalise its UAV testing regulations. Although the United States is a key market for Amazon Prime Air, so far the company has been restricted in its testing of drones due to the FAA regulations.

The FAA licensed Amazon for drone testing last year, but with the restriction that it could only fly drones during daylight, and never out of an operator's line of sight.