Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Amazon buys IoT platform start-up 2lemetry

Steve Rogerson
March 18, 2015
Online retail giant Amazon has acquired IoT platform developer 2lemetry for an undisclosed sum.
The Denver-based start-up confirmed the agreement on its web site last week with the words: “As you may have heard, Amazon has acquired 2lemetry. Our existing service has not changed, and with Amazon we will offer our same customer support.”
2lemetry was co-founded in 2011 by CEO Kyle Roche and CTO Chris Chiappone, both of whom have backgrounds in system integration and large cloud deployments for companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Starbucks, Google and Bank of America. 2lemetry is active in the technical IoT community, via open source contributions and authorship of technical books and articles.
In January this year, it secured US$4m in funding and launched Integrate, an IoT application on the Salesforce AppExchange with deep data and UI integration. The funding from Salesforce Ventures and several private investors was to help expand 2lemetry’s support for the Salesforce Ecosystem. This was the second round of funding for the company, bringing the total investment to $9m.
What makes 2lemetry unique is that the company has reduced the complexity and ramp-up time for implementing IoT products. What historically has been a complex and expensive undertaking, requiring significant upfront capital and taking months or years to implement, 2lemetry makes possible within days or even hours. It supports customers in a range of industries including transportation, oil and gas, manufacturing, mining, HVAC and industrial machines.
“Enterprise companies struggle with the noise generated from massive amounts of IoT data,” said Roche. “We boil all that data down to manageable insights, and with 2lemetry Integrate, we bring that intelligence into Salesforce, so customers can quickly and effectively act on that data. Because we seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, companies can easily act upon the information in an environment that they’re already used to.”