Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Amazon and WellAware bring security to oil and gas industry

Steve Rogerson
December 6, 2017

WellAware is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide oil and gas operators and service providers with data security and reliability on the Texas company's industrial IoT platform.
WellAware says it has the oil and gas industry's only full-stack IoT service for oilfield monitoring and optimisation. The collaboration was announced at last week’s AWS Re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. The joint effort should help reduce operating costs and asset downtime by automating and optimising oilfield production.
"We're excited to work with Amazon Web Services to offer our solutions with an even higher level of security and scalability," said David Milam, chief product officer for WellAware. "Together, we're able to provide operators with a secure IoT solution that can be deployed within days, immediately helping to decrease operating expenses and downtime."
Data security is a key business requirement for oil and gas. According to Deloitte, energy was the second-most prone industry to cyber attacks in 2016, with nearly three in four US oil and gas companies reporting at least one cyber incident last year in their annual filings. At the same time, growing merger and acquisition activity throughout the energy sector has increased the necessity for technology that can be deployed rapidly and integrate with existing operational technologies to extend the value of previous IT investments.
WellAware's full-stack IoT platform, which includes all the required hardware, network and software, provides data collection, exception-based monitoring and actionable analytics. Built using AWS's global cloud infrastructure, the platform keeps data safe, meets compliance requirements and scales quickly.
"The oil and gas industry has entered an unprecedented era of consolidation and it's critical that operators are able to respond quickly to changing business environments,” said Rick Stember, vice president of development for WellAware. “Through our collaboration with Amazon Web Services, oil and gas companies can operate with more agility and rapidly scale their business to achieve an advantage in the marketplace."
Based in San Antonio, Texas, WellAware has secured $61m in investment funding and built a team of management and advisors from the oil industry.