Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Amazon provides IoT framework for Aricent

Steve Rogerson
July 26, 2018

Amazon Web Services is working with design and engineering company Aricent to deliver an IoT device management framework with analytics for wind turbines, generators, transformers, solar panels and oil pipelines.
The intelligent asset monitoring offering is part of the Aricent IoT portfolio and works with AWS IoT Analytics to let enterprises monitor, manage and analyse data from IoT sensor enabled equipment. These include wind turbines, generators, transformers, solar panels, and oil pipelines, grids and a wide variety of IoT connected industrial equipment.
It can also be customised for various markets including manufacturing, retail, oil, gas, utility and smart infrastructure, essentially any industry deploying IoT technology and equipment.
Use cases for IoT-based asset monitoring include factory and process automation, predictive maintenance, data analytics, as well as augmented and virtual reality applications for the industrial IoT. Aricent developed the framework based on deep domain expertise in IoT sensor enabled smart energy, power generation and distribution, as well as the company’s on-going work in its IoT centre of excellence, with several top-tier smart energy companies.
Aricent IoT asset monitoring lets companies leverage real-time device data insights to improve operational efficiency and secure business opportunities. According to IDC, smart home investments are expected to more than double, reaching more than $63bn by 2020.
“IoT-enabled meters, power generation equipment and distribution grid components produce huge volumes of data that deliver a wealth of information for utility companies,” said Harmeet Chauhan, president for software and internet at California-based Aricent. “They require reliable solutions to securely transport data from their equipment and powerful analytics platforms to garner insights. Our IoT solutions have already been deployed by a number of clients. Device data analytics is the key to unlocking meaningful insights from the data collected from IoT sensors. AWS IoT Analytics helps us to strengthen the reliability and accuracy of those data.”