Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Alibaba and Infineon collaborate on IoT in China

Steve Rogerson
August 9, 2018

German electronics company Infineon Technologies has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Chinese technology firm Alibaba Cloud Computing to promote IoT applications in the fields of smart life and smart industry for Chinese enterprises and cities.
As an active promoter and practitioner of Industry 4.0, Infineon will rely on its core technology and service advantages in the field of IoT to collaborate with Alibaba Cloud on its IoT operating system, Alios Things, and provide technical services. Additionally, with the acceleration of the IoT application process, new requirements are also placed on system security.
“The construction and improvement of the IoT ecosystem requires gathering the advantageous resources and power of all parties,” said Wei Ku (pictured right), vice president of Alibaba Group. “This partnership combines Alibaba Cloud's capabilities in operating systems with Infineon's semiconductor technology. We believe that this will effectively promote the deployment of IoT in smart industries.”
As part of this collaboration, the two parties will further explore the planning, implementation and security standards of the IoT, enabling SMEs and individuals to deploy and access Alibaba Cloud in a low-cost, highly reliable manner. This will enable the participants to share in the development dividend of the IoT, while protecting them from losses caused by security risks. The two companies also plan to collaborate on ecommerce channels.
“As the world's leading semiconductor manufacturer, Infineon is committed to combining our advanced IoT semiconductors with local experience,” said Andreas Urschitz (pictured left), president of the power management and multimarket division at Infineon, “This partnership with Alibaba marks our efforts in this field.”
Both parties will make use of Alibaba Cloud's integration capabilities and experiences in IoT and work together to create secure IoT services. This will help upgrade and transform the smart digitalisation of SMEs, allowing them to manage the entire production process through digital means.
“Sustainable growth in mainland China is one of Infineon's most important development strategies, and is also our long-term goal in the Chinese market,” said David Poon, vice president for Infineon in Greater China. “We are very pleased to work with leading companies like Alibaba Cloud, and to join in creating an IoT service platform that meets the needs of the local market, helps companies achieve digitalisation, and provides a driving engine for innovation and the development of smart cities in China.”
Alibaba Cloud Computing, founded in 2009, specialises in cloud computing and artificial intelligence. In January 2017, Alibaba Cloud became the designated global cloud service provider of the Olympic Games.