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Alfen Smart Energy system for Belgian Grid Eandis

William Payne
March 1, 2018

Netherlands based energy tech firm Alfen has begun installation of a smart energy storage system for Belgian grid operator Eandis. The installation, at Eandis' logistical centre in Lokeren, will be used to optimise self-consumption of rooftop solar energy generation.

The storage system, called TheBattery, will help Eandis in its shift from a fossil fuel powered facility towards an energy-neutral distribution centre.

Eandis is a distribution grid systems operator with activities in 229 cities and municipalities throughout Flanders in Belgium, responsible for 2.7 million electricity connections. Eandis recently added some 375 kWp rooftop solar power to its logistical centre in Lokeren. To match the intermittent solar energy production with its own operations, it is now implementing Alfen's battery energy storage system called TheBattery. TheBattery contributes to the increasing electrification of the site, enabling the shift from fossil fuel powered machinery and vehicles towards electricity as source of energy.

Alfen will supply a 140kW energy storage system to be connected to Eandis' logistical centre. Alfen will also deliver and implement remote management and control of the system and provide a platform to enable Eandis to use the system for optimising self-consumption of renewable energy and voltage control. 

Yves Vercammen, sales manager for Alfen in Belgium, said: "The collaboration with Eandis shows that we are operating at the heart of the energy transition with a unique integrated offering dedicated to enable the energy grid of the future. This project demonstrates the increasing demand for decentralised renewable energy solutions that require smart energy solutions."

The storage system will be operational in Q1 2018.

Jean Pierre Hollevoet, Director Asset Management and Supply Chain at Eandis said: "With the new energy storage system of Alfen, we will be able to optimise self-consumption of the solar energy in our facilities, which is an important new step towards an energy neutral and sustainable distribution centre. Alfen has an 80-year track record and deep technical knowledge of developing complex battery storage systems. In addition, we anticipate that more and more customers, connected to our electricity grid, will implement energy storage systems in the future. We want to be prepared for the incorporation of such systems in our grid and therefore we want to gain experience on manageability, cost-of-ownership and impact on operational efficiency of such a storage system."