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Alfen to manage EV charging in The Hague

Steve Rogerson
January 31, 2018

The municipality of The Hague has commissioned Dutch company Alfen to perform the management and maintenance of its charging point infrastructure for electric vehicles. The order involves more than 500 Alfen Twin public charging points.
Thanks to energy supplier Nuon, the vehicles of the users are charged with green energy generated in the Netherlands.
Between 2013 and 2016, Alfen delivered the charging infrastructure for the general public in The Hague. Alfen will now deploy its service portfolio for the management and maintenance of the charging point infrastructure. This includes round-the-clock helpdesk, service experts and technicians, and online monitoring system.
"Our charging points have been used for years by the residents of and visitors to The Hague,” said Remco Fens, product portfolio manager at Alfen. “Our management and maintenance services ensure that the charging points can be optimally deployed in the future. The findings are used by our development team to further refine our product base so that we can continue to offer the most high-quality solutions going forward."
Location and status information can now be monitored from a distance and smart charging is enabled by taking the available net capacity into account. Winning this order means Alfen can optimally deploy its services for the municipality and its residents and visitors.
"The municipality of The Hague has worked together with Alfen since 2013 on the public infrastructure for EV charging,” said Floris Elzakker, project manager at the municipality of The Hague. “Electric vehicles contribute to cleaner air in the city. We are delighted that we can now extend our partnership, in particular due to the fact that the manufacturer of the charging points now assumes responsibility for their management and maintenance. This means that we as a municipality can keep the lines short, enabling us to look to the future with even more confidence."
The transformer substations developed by Alfen supply millions of households and companies with energy, and thousands of electric vehicles make use of Alfen's charging points every day. The company's energy storage system is used for applications such as load balancing, energy trading, frequency control and the creation of autonomous energy grids in combination with solar or wind energy.
Electrify America has selected Greenlots, a provider of grid-enabled electric vehicle smart charging products, to deliver the operating platform for its network of high-power fast chargers that will expand highway and other EV charging capabilities across the USA.