Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Aeris IoT helps trucking companies improve operations

Steve Rogerson
December 11, 2018

Aeris is teaming up with TrackEnsure of Toronto, Canada, to help trucking companies in North America improve operations through IoT technologies. Aeris is providing global IoT connectivity for TrackEnsure to provide its services to lorry carriers’ transportation, fleet, logistics and warehouse management systems.
“Aeris is an internet of things industry leader,” said Christina Richards (pictured), vice president of California-based Aeris. “Through our work with TrackEnsure, we enable them to easily manage a host of transportation and logistics data analytics capabilities for North American trucking companies. The Aeris connectivity platform is built for IoT and has been globally tested at scale. For more than a decade, we have unlocked IoT value for enterprises and look forward to helping TrackEnsure be the preeminent provider of logistic in trucking applications.”
TrackEnsure is a logistics service provider and uses IoT to give its clients data integration, performance, reporting and analytics capabilities. It provides capabilities related to order management, trip management, hours of service (HoS) management, fuel management, fraud prevention, pricing calculators, signal processing and notifications, analysis, and reports.
“In trucking and logistics we define IoT as the internet of trucks, drivers, dispatchers, brokers, warehouses, orders and shipments,” said Roman Mironenko, CEO of TrackEnsure. “TrackEnsure merges data from all of the IoT and other sources to provide trucking and logistics companies with total situational and operational awareness. We see the companies that have best information and best understanding of their operations are the companies that grow the most. Without good timely data and without modern tools that run real-time analysis there can be no real understanding of any business, especially business as fast paced as trucking and logistics."
TrackEnsure, whose clients are any-size lorry carriers, offers an integrated IoT platform that collects data from dozens of sources and combines it in a way that provides qualitative functionality to clients. Its services include equipment tracking, driver HoS tracking, fuel card fraud prevention, shipment error prevention and detection.
The Aeris ACP connectivity platform is being used by TrackEnsure for its e-log and dispatching services and helps the company improve its service delivery while increasing its service radius. TrackEnsure’s clients include Gigg Express, Highlight Motor Group and Loadex.
“Our approach is to use technological advancements in the most appropriate and efficient manner to help our business grow and become more profitable,” said Kirk Kalinitchenko, CEO of Highlight Motor Group. “TrackEnsure provides the technology that turns IoT into internet of trucks, internet of trailers, internet of shipments, internet of orders and internet of drivers. Our trucks, trailers, shipments, drivers, dispatchers and orders are tracked, our shipments are planned according to all of the information that we are collecting with various devices including mobile platforms. IoT-enabled technology is just as indispensable as are steering wheels and tyres.”
Aeris offers end-to-end IoT and M2M products and services through its AMP mobility IoT platform and ACP. Collectively, these IoT platforms let enterprises and original equipment manufacturers embark on a digital transformation journey to enhance revenue, create services and form business models.