Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Aeris and Tech Mahindra help operators build IoT business

Steve Rogerson
February 11, 2015
Aeris and Tech Mahindra have joined forces to provide a service they believe will become the blueprint for mobile operators to build a scalable and profitable IoT business. California-based M2M company Aeris has launched the Jumpstart IoT service with New Delhi-based Tech Mahindra, a specialist in digital transformation, consulting and business re-engineering.
“We are excited to take part in this innovative programme,” said Rishi Bhatnagar, global head of digital enterprise services at Tech Mahindra. “Jumpstart IoT is representative of Tech Mahindra’s distinct shift to providing services with our Horizon Digital framework of analytics-led, cloud-enabled digital solutions. Through initiatives such as this, Tech Mahindra is helping mobile operators around the world and enterprise customers across a wide range of vertical segments to maximise their opportunity of the internet of things.”
By working with Aeris and Tech Mahindra, operators should be able to service a wider customer base and increase their share of enterprise M2M and IoT spend by as much as 300 per cent over connectivity services alone, believe the two companies. Jumpstart IoT expands operator service offerings to include packaged applications in key verticals including fleet, asset tracking and insurance. Additionally, Jumpstart IoT technologies help in managed data services for the IoT, lowering the bar for application developers and enabling IoT data monetising.
“Noting the distinct shift from silos to services like software as a service, platform as a service, workspace as a service and infrastructure as a service are critical building blocks of Tech Mahindra’s digital transformation strategy,” said Bhatnagar. “By transitioning from internet of things to intelligence of things, Tech Mahindra’s digital services aim to provide an opportunity for telecommunications service provider to reinvent themselves.”
For many mobile network operators (MNOs), a machine services overlay, whether built in-house, acquired from an external software provider, or a hybrid approach, constituted an operator’s M2M or IoT strategy. But this did not go far enough to ensure success. The Jumpstart IoT addresses the following key elements: locally deployed technology platform for delivering managed device connectivity services; field tested vertical applications, optimised for the operator’s market; specialised system operations and support services; go-to-market planning support services; and internet-scale device data and analytics services infrastructure.
“The role of mobile operators in the internet of things era is clear,” said Dan McBride, head of operator marketing at Aeris. “Not only will they continue to supply connectivity services, but they are also becoming a focal point for the access, use and billing of M2M and IoT applications. Additionally, MNOs will be the repositories and distributors of data from the IoT, providing secure, controlled data access services that will fuel explosive IoT growth. Through Jumpstart IoT, Aeris and Tech Mahindra are helping operators launch profitable M2M services today and sow the seeds for this future marketplace.”
The partnership with Tech Mahindra highlights Aeris’ technology value proposition, which breaks through the cost barrier for in-country system deployments. As device and customer data sovereignty becomes increasingly important, Aeris technology makes it possible for all device, customer and billing data to remain in the operator’s home country, keeping delivery costs low and reducing regulatory concerns. Additionally, by using big data and data sharing, the Aeris cloud-based data management service, AerCloud, will allow operators to grow revenue beyond simple connected services.