Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Aeris and Ranch help farmers monitor environment

Steve Rogerson
August 2, 2018

IoT technology firm Aeris is collaborating with fellow Californian company Ranch Systems to help farmers and businesses improve their sustainable water management, food production and environmental monitoring.
Aeris is providing global IoT connectivity for Ranch Systems to provide its telemetry services for the farming and environmental monitoring industries.
Ranch Systems provides wireless technology for field monitoring and control in agricultural and environmental applications. The company’s patented technology ranges from a single cellular node monitoring a single temperature or tank sensor to sophisticated enterprise-wide networks with real-time wireless monitoring and control of entire operation systems.
The company’s telemetry is compatible with a wide range of sensors and controllers. The modular design preserves the value of investment for farmers and businesses by providing easy expansion and flexibility in the use of emerging technologies. This, coupled with the Ranch cloud platform and MyRanch app, provides an open data management and user interface. The decision-driving information and easy-to-use interface provides the ability to manage many different systems in an enterprise with one platform at any time and from any location.
The Aeris ACP connectivity platform is being used by Ranch Systems to offer features that allow the company to improve its service delivery and increase service radius.
“Through our work with Ranch Systems, we allow them the opportunity to easily track and deploy their devices enabled by Aeris,” said Christina Richards (pictured), vice president of global marketing at Aeris. “The Aeris connectivity platform is built for IoT and has been globally tested at scale. For more than a decade, we have unlocked IoT value for enterprises and look forward to helping Ranch Systems be the preeminent provider of wireless for field monitoring and control in agriculture and environmental applications.”
Aeris offers IoT and M2M services for a number of industries, including connected vehicles, telematics, fixed assets, healthcare, solar energy, cold chain monitoring, wireless point-of-sale and utilities. ACP provides in-depth visibility and control of devices, assets or sensors, regardless of time, number of assets or location.
This IoT platform, with its suite of features built in, is geared to help enterprises enhance revenue, create services and business models, and provide them with market differentiation against their competitors.
Ranch Systems hardware is configured to work in concert with third-party sensors and controllers with open platforms. The core focus is the agricultural market, but the company increasingly serves other markets such as water infrastructure and oil and gas production where environmental monitoring with robust wireless data logging and controls under remote and rugged off-grid conditions are required.
“Ranch Systems is a leader in remote monitoring and control,” said Chris Wunderlich, senior director of operations at Ranch Systems. “Historically our focus has been to provide farmers with solutions in the agricultural space. To provide the best, connectivity is key. As we deploy our products and services to a wider range of customers around the world, connectivity issues have become more complex and individual carrier partnerships become very difficult to maintain. Aeris allows our best-in-class telemetry to operate worldwide on the best networks and ensures our solutions can be deployed reliably worldwide.”