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Advantech Cat-M1 router certified for Verizon

Steve Rogerson
March 14, 2019

Taiwanese embedded computer company Advantech has introduced a Verizon-certified LTE Cat-M1 router for the US market.
LTE Cat-M1 is a suitable wireless WAN option for applications that don't require high speeds usually associated with 4G LTE. Cat-M1 devices provide similar speeds to 2G (375kbit/s up and down), better building penetration for urban or bunkered installations, and lower power for battery-powered applications.
In addition to the benefits of Cat-M1, the ICR-3211B router has a built-in super capacitor for sending last-gasp messages if the primary power supply is interrupted. The combination of improved in-building communications and redundant power makes it suitable for building automation, energy management and remote scada applications.
The router works with the company's WebAccess/DMP software to support centralised configuration and remote management.
It is certified on Verizon's LTE Cat-M1 network with fallback to GSM.
Its open Linux platform has development support for Python, Node-RED and C/C++. There are Ethernet and RS232 and RS485 interfaces for connected device support. Dual SIM cards and internal eSIM provide carrier flexibility.
At its heart is an Arm A8 1MHz CPU and 1.3Gbyte user available memory. It comes in a rugged metal enclosure and has an operating temperature range of -40 to +75˚C.
US operations for Advantech’s industrial automation group are based in Cincinnati.