Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Advantech banks on Intel for AIoT embedded platforms

Steve Rogerson
August 14, 2109

Taiwanese company Advantech has launched Intel Core processor-based embedded platforms with round-the-clock operations management for combined AI and IoT (AIoT) applications.
These embedded platforms are said to combine performance per watt, fast connectivity and easy operations management, making them suitable for visual computing, IoT, industrial, retail, healthcare and transportation applications.
The platforms use the eighth generation Intel Core U and Y series processors and ninth generation Core S and H processors. These platforms include the SoM-5899R and SoM-6882 computer on modules; MIO-5373 and MIO-5393 single-board computers; AIMB-233, AIMB-276, AIMB-286, AIMB-506 and AIMB-586 industrial motherboards; and EPC-C301 and EPC-T2286 embedded PCs.
They are built with Advantech Wise-PaaS and DeviceOn IoT device operations and management software to provide performance and connectivity for AIoT applications.
The Intel processors are said to enable faster wireless speeds meeting the increasing requirements for graphics, computing and data consolidation capabilities in AIoT applications.
The embedded boards come in various form factors including the SoM-5899R Com Express basic module, SoM-6882 Com Express compact module, and MIO-5373 and MIO-5393 3.5in SBCs. Additional form factors include the AIMB-233, AIMB-276 and AIMB-286 Mini-ITX motherboards, AIMB-506 and AIMB-586 Micro ATX motherboards, and EPC-C301 and EPC-T2286 embedded PCs.
As industrial IoT applications have rapidly increased the number of connected devices deployed and managed across different locations, it is essential to manage, monitor and control thousands of connected devices while ensuring uninterrupted service. These embedded platforms are thus preloaded with Wise-PaaS and DeviceOn IoT device operations and management software.
Beginning with on-boarding devices, Wise-PaaS and DeviceOn’s zero-touch IoT technology seamlessly registers Advantech embedded platforms with identity security and field site settings. The simple set-up helps provide instant intelligent edge on-boarding, data acquisition and status visualisation at the device operations centre.
Power on-off, troubleshooting and mission-critical actions are available at the tap of a button. OTA software updates itself securely by sending software patches, firmware, software and configuration updates through batch provisioning.
The complete product line will be available starting from now until the end of the year.