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Analog Devices helps Elgama improve smart meters

Steve Rogerson
December 3, 2019

Lithuanian electricity meter maker Elgama-Elektronika is using diagnostic technology from Massachusetts-based chip maker Analog Devices to improve remote accuracy monitoring and tamper detection.
Elgama plans to design electricity meters enabled by Analog Devices’ MSure diagnostics technology to help utilities remotely monitor accuracy of meters in the field. This allows meters to have greater useful life while reducing overall costs of meter sample testing.
In addition, meter tampering accounts for ten per cent of stolen energy worldwide, a nearly $100bn revenue loss for utilities in Europe alone. MSure technology can provide actionable intelligence to identify many different types of meter tampering. Elgama plans to bring these meters to market by the end of 2020.
“Intelligence based on the direct measurement of electric meter health will help utilities make quick and confident decisions by identifying out-of-specification meters, detecting meter malfunction, and confirming and quantifying more tamper events,” said Nerijus Kruopis, chief technology officer for Elgama-Elektronika. “MSure is a promising solution towards achieving these goals and optimising meter re-verification costs.”
Kruopis said that Analog Devices had rich expertise and understood its challenges.
“In-field accuracy verification is costlier and inconvenient to customers,” said Kruopis. “An MSure-enabled meter checks the accuracy of the entire metrology function, while in the field and in full operation, leading to direct cost savings and customer service improvements. We have eagerly begun having technical conversations with several utilities in our market to help facilitate the implementation of MSure technology as a standard practice for ensuring greater meter accuracy.”
Currently, when managing meter assets over their deployed lifetime, utilities check meters in the field on a case-by-case basis, replacing good meters based on age rather than need and investigating false tamper alerts. MSure, when combined with an analytics service, directly monitors meter accuracy and reports data back on individual meter health, helping to identify both malfunctioning meters and more electricity tamper cases. Raw data generated by the meters are provided to and processed by a cloud-based analytics service, allowing utilities to run reports on their entire meter population at desired intervals.
“We are excited to see companies like Elgama adopting our meter health technology to meet the needs of their utility customers,” said Vitaly Goltsberg, director of the energy business unit at Analog Devices. “MSure enables utilities to both monitor meter accuracy with specificity to the individual meter and allow better protection against revenue loss through advanced meter tamper detection. Analog Devices’ edge-to-cloud meter analytics give electrical utilities actionable intelligence to decrease operational expenses and capital spending, reduce risk, protect revenue, and enhance trust in their brand.”
Elgama-Elektronika makes static electricity meters in the Baltic region and operates in more than 20 countries across four continents. The company develops and produces a range of devices for electricity measurement, control and management applied in residential, commercial and industrial sectors.