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Adesto aids smart meter pilot in North Africa

Steve Rogerson
December 3, 2019

Tunisian energy metering company Société Industrielle d'Appareillage et de Matériels Electriques (Siame) is piloting powerline smart meters in Tunisia, Egypt and other countries using technology from Adesto Technologies.
California-based Adesto provides application-specific semiconductors and embedded systems for the IoT. Its non-volatile memory (NVM) and powerline communications (PLC) chips are designed into a G3-PLC smart meter that is in pilot production targeting utility providers. The meter was developed by Siame in collaboration with Adesto and I@T (Innov-Alliance-Tech), a Tunisian provider of engineering services.
The smart meter leverages Adesto’s configurable, power-efficient G3-PLC certified SM2400 PLC modem, as well as Adesto’s quad SPI flash memory, in a custom module designed by Siame with software created by I@T. The meter is based on the G3-PLC worldwide smart metering standard designed to facilitate reliable, long-range communication over the existing powerline grid, essentially making the power grid smart.
“Quality is part of our company’s DNA, and we look for partners whose products bring the highest quality,” said Monji Jelassi, CEO of Siame. “Adesto’s SM2400 PLC devices have proven superior performance in providing reliable communication over power lines in challenging communication channel conditions, making them the ideal modem for Tunisia’s first smart electric meters. We are delighted to partner with Adesto and I@T as we prepare to roll out the first deployments of this important milestone.”
According to a 2018 report from market intelligence firm Northeast Group, smart grid infrastructure development is accelerating in the Middle East and North Africa, growing at an anticipated CAGR of 27% from 2018 to 2027. Countries in these regions are expected to invest $17.6bn over the next decade in smart metering, distribution automation, battery storage and other smart grid infrastructure market segments.
“Across our product lines, Adesto has a strong footprint in smart grid and metering, and we’re excited about the growth opportunity in the emerging Africa and Middle East regions,” said Janet Wang, vice president of business development at Adesto. “Our work with Siame and I@T demonstrates our commitment to supply innovative and reliable products to support the exacting specifications needed for smart grid deployment.”
I@T is a subsidiary of IPS group, a North African industrial group. The company provides engineering services in technologies in the areas of clean and renewable energies, multimedia and telecoms, IoT, and biomedical. It offers its customers and partners engineering consultancy, expertise and technical assistance.
“I@T is focused on helping our customers and partners enhance their engineering and business development capabilities and expand their geographical presence in key emerging markets,” said Mondher Makni, CEO of I@T. “The collaboration with Siame and Adesto is a great example of that. Adesto’s engineers worked closely with the I@T and Siame teams throughout the design and certification process, and their support was key to efficient development of the meter. We look forward to continued cooperation as we bring Tunisia’s new smart meters to market.”