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Activ8rlives waterproof activity tracker connects via Bluetooth Smart

Steve Rogerson
September 22, 2015
Activ8rlives has launched a fully waterproof activity tracker called BuddyBand2. It comes with three interchangeable wristbands (black, blue and pink) and an accessory to attach to a belt or pocket for those who cannot wear anything on their wrists.
This addition to the UK company’s suite of self-monitoring health devices is a ruggedised sealed wearable waterproof to 2m, with upgradable firmware, built-in notifications for calls, texts and social media when paired with a smartphone, sleep tracking, inactivity alert, and data uploaded by Bluetooth Smart 4.0.
The BuddyBand2 tracks physical activity and energy expenditure in calories, the total distance walked, swum or run, and the total active minutes during each day, which are useful as part of an exercise schedule, overall health and wellbeing, or part of a weight management programme.
The medical emphasis of Activ8rlives also begins to connect with its consumer-focused wearables. Custom trackers focused on personal health and wellbeing can be created by the wearer online. These can keep count of health events throughout the day with a double tap of the BuddyBand2. This keeps score of anything the wearer creates, such as medication taken, blood sugar recordings, positive decisions undertaken, cravings experienced, mood swings, hugs received, smiles given or almost anything they may wish to discover more about, as they explore what drives their behaviour.
The detailed sleep analysis gives a minute-by-minute recording of movement, translated into deep sleep, disturbed sleep and time awake, and gives a measure of quality of sleep. Research evidence indicates that the length of an individual's sleep appears to influence their participation level in exercise the next day – good sleep equates to good participation in being active the next day.
User-selectable notifications include alerts for texts, emails, voice, calendar events, social media and incoming phone calls.
An inactivity alarm alerts wearers of periods of inactivity with a discrete vibration, reminding them to get up and get moving after they have reached the number of minutes of inactivity they have set themselves. Research suggests there are benefits of getting up and moving after an hour of sitting. Three programmable alarms can be set to remind users of other routine events during the day.
The device aims to helps users understand how their activity changes throughout the week, month and over greater lengths of time. By incorporating the power of the Activ8rlives BuddyBand2, health monitoring and food diary app and free online account, users can continue to set goals, receive achievement medals, form groups, send and post messages to group members, use the online virtual World-Walk Adventures and more.
There is also an Apple Health-compatible health kit for iOS 8 smartphones.
“Being active every day has significant health benefits for everyone and it is never too late to begin,” said Kevin Auton, managing director of Aseptika (Activ8rlives). “With this latest addition to our growing range of health monitors to support health self-management, we bring the integration of self-care using wearables closer. Many of the functions being rolled-out on the BuddyBand2 will also appear in our future medical device, the BuddyWotch.”
The BuddyBand2 accurately calculates steps, distance and active time using a three–axis accelerometer. The large bright easy-to-read digital display with a 24-hour clock can be read in bright sunlight.
Upgradeable firmware means users can receive device updates and new features as they are introduced. Battery life is four to seven days based on typical usage with 120 minute charge time. It complies with EU privacy laws and EU-based secure servers.