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Accenture patient platform delivers actionable insights on care

Steve Rogerson
September 22, 2015
Accenture is launching the Intelligent Patient Platform, a suite of integrated cloud-based, analytics-driven technologies designed to deliver real-time, actionable insights on patient care.
The platform should help life sciences companies provide patients with comprehensive, outcome-driven services such as programme enrolment, adherence management and treatment education over the full course of treatment for an illness or disease. It allows companies to deploy precise patient services based on the requirements of patient segments by providing an integrated set of capabilities across engagement and data management, including connected devices, apps and analytics.
“The Accenture Intelligent Patient Platform is playing an important role helping life sciences companies deploy their patient engagement strategies and facilitate better patient interactions and outcomes,” said Tony Romito, managing director of Dublin-based Accenture Life Sciences. “Now companies can have real-time insight into the full patient journey and work across the healthcare system to effect meaningful change in support of the patient.”
Designed to evolve with the addition of new applications aimed at delivering supplementary services to meet patients’ changing needs, the platform will enable life sciences companies to quantify the impact of their patient programmes across all modes of engagement, such as in-person and digital, so they can refine programme effectiveness and continuously improve the patient experience.
It provides several business benefits to life sciences companies, their customers and their patients:

  • Patients can start a therapy faster and get the help they need to manage their condition;
  • Providers can receive increased support in their patient care goals of quality, affordability and engagement;
  • Payers can more rapidly get the information they need for reimbursement; and
  • Pharmacies can get the correct information they need to fill prescriptions eliminating unnecessary follow-ups with physicians and patients.
“The Accenture Intelligent Patient Platform is the result of the close working relationship between Salesforce and Accenture,” said Kori O’Brien, vice president at Salesforce. “We believe this will empower customers in the life sciences industry to connect with, care for and engage patients in meaningful new ways.”
The platform is comprised of an integrated set of evidence-based services supporting the full patient journey from pre-diagnosis through on-going treatment to help life sciences clients deliver improved patient and economic outcomes. These services use population health analytics and proprietary patient technology to redefine how companies incorporate the patient into the development, launch and support of their science.